What Is "Azteca TV En Vivo"?

What Is "Azteca TV En Vivo"?

As of 2015, Azteca en Vivo is a free app that allows one to view live Azteca TV network programming on mobile devices. Google Play and iTunes each offer the app, and downloading the app from iTunes enables one to view Azteca programming on a Mac or PC as well.

Azteca Trece and Azteca Siete comprise the networks whose programming the Azteca en Vivo app enables one to view, states Google Play. Azteca Trece and Azteca Siete are owned by Azteca, a large mass media company in Mexico.

Azteca Noticias, Azteca Deportes and Azteca Web are a portion of the Azteca programming and content one can view on a mobile device or computer using the Azteca en Vivo app. The programming also includes exclusive content for the app, event broadcasts, video chats and interviews, according to Azteca.

Azteca Live is the English name of the app, and its corresponding page on Google Play merely allows English speakers to read what the app is about and download it. All Azteca programming is in Spanish, according to Azteca.

On Azteca.com, Azteca en Vivo also refers to live streams of Azteca programming one can view on the Azteca Noticias website. Azteca Noticias is Azteca's flagship news program available through Azteca Trece, which is alternatively called El Trece or Azteca 13. Azteca Deportes, or DeporTV, is sports programming on Azteca Trece.