How Is an Avulsion Fracture Treated?


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While treating an avulsion fracture sometimes does not require surgery if the bones are remain in close proximity to the original position, it is a viable option when the bones are further out of place than in normal bone alignment. Some avulsion fractures do not require treatment, according to About.com.

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An avulsion fracture is a bone injury that occurs near the junction of a tendon or ligament and a bone. The injury happens when a piece of bone is torn off by the pulling away of the tendon or ligament from the bone. Surgery is necessary if the injury pulls the bones farther than a few centimeters away from their original position, but tiny bones do not need surgical repair. Depending on the severity of the injury, alignment of bones and age of the patient, different treatment options, such as casting, are also available advises About.com.

Although this type of injury occurs in several places, avulsion fractures are common in certain areas, such as the ankle. Ankle avulsion fractures are often treated and diagnosed as ankle sprains. Avulsion fractures are sometimes sustained in children, and they receive alternative treatments for preventing damage that affects their skeletal growth. Casting is worn for a period of about six to eight weeks. Rehabilitation after cast removal helps restore strength and mobility to the injured area, according to Sports Injury Clinic.

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