How Do You Avoid Shin Splints Using the Trace Technique?


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According to Runner's World, shin splints can be treated by using the trace technique. This stretching exercise is good for recovering from shin splints and for preventing future shin splints.

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Runner's World suggests a number of shin splint treatments, including the trace technique. To perform the trace technique, first sit on the floor. Trace the entire alphabet on the floor with one foot, then repeat with the other foot. Doing this exercise three times a day is an effective recovery method.

While the trace technique is an good shin splint treatment, there are a number of other exercises and treatments that can be used in the prevention of and recovery from shin splints. According to Runner's World, anyone who feels the first signs of shin splints should decrease the intensity of training or stop running altogether. The shin should be iced to reduce inflammation.

Runner's World also suggests that runners suffering from shin splits stretch their shins. To do this, first kneel on a carpeted floor. The legs and feet should be touching, and the toes should be pointing backwards. Then slowly shift weight into the calves and heels, so that the ankles are pushed into the floor. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then release.

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