How Do You Avoid Needing Hip Surgery?


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An individual can avoid hip surgery by adopting a regular exercise regime, notes the Arthritis Foundation. Specifically, exercising for at least an hour at least twice a week can reduce the need for surgery.

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A 2013 study revealed that individuals who engaged in regular activity for an hour at least twice a week for three months were roughly 40 percent less likely to require hip replacement surgery six years afterwards, says the Arthritis Foundation. Additional benefits of regular exercise include being more capable of performing physical activities and improved flexibility.

Exercise has been shown be most effective with individuals who have mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis, notes the Arthritis Foundation. Any adopted exercise program should be crafted specifically for individuals with osteoarthritis. Exercises should focus on stretching and flexibility. Participants may also want to consider being observed by a physical therapist in order to measure the results of the exercise program.

Even with an exercise program, there's still a possibility hip surgery may be needed in the future if the individual doesn't maintain or increase his overall level of physical activity, says the Arthritis Foundation. Hip surgery may be the only viable option for a person with severe pain, limited hip functionality or advanced osteoarthritis.

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