How Do You Avoid Irritating an Ulcer With Diet?


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According to Drugs.com, individuals with ulcers should limit foods such as cola, cocoa, coffee, teas (such as black, peppermint and green), alcohol, orange juice, black and red pepper, garlic and chilies. High-fat meats to limit include sausage, salami, bacon, ham and cold cuts. In general, the important thing is to avoid foods that cause excess acid and irritation to the linings of the stomach, such as overly spicy, citrus and tomato-based foods.

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How Do You Avoid Irritating an Ulcer With Diet?
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Drugs.com also notes, that a diet which includes fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, lean meats, beans, eggs and nuts, is good from someone with ulcers. Additionally, meals should be low in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends chamomile tea, aloe vera juice and foods high in vitamin C, such as berries, broccoli, cabbage, fortified foods and dark leafy greens.

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that ulcer patients eat smaller meals, drink six to eight glasses of water per day and exercise five days per week. Supplements to take include probiotics and vitamin C tablets. Reducing stress through meditation, yoga and psychological therapy can ease ulcer symptoms, as well.

Medicines for individuals' with ulcers to avoid include aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Acetaminophen is one pain reliever to use, and a doctor can prescribe steroids, according to Weil. The holistic doctor recommends ingesting 1/2 teaspoon of deglycyrrhizinated licorice between meals to soothe the stomach lining.

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