How Do You Avoid Getting Diabetes?

How Do You Avoid Getting Diabetes?

To avoid getting diabetes, lose weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise and avoid alcohol. Although genetics plays a factor in Type 2 diabetes, 90 percent of all diabetes cases could be avoided by following these steps, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in the United States and is the most common form of diabetes, reports Mayo Clinic. By making small lifestyle changes, people can avoid getting diabetes and even reverse the disease.

By exercising, patients can avoid diabetes because exercise boosts a body's sensitivity to insulin, keeping blood sugar at a healthy level. Exercise also helps a person lose weight and lower blood sugar.

Incorporating a healthy diet including plenty of fiber can help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain fiber that promotes weight loss by making a person feel full longer.

Those at a higher risk for developing diabetes should undergo diabetes testing as directed by their doctor. People who are over the age of 45 and overweight and those younger than 45 with risk factors for the disease should regularly have their blood sugar tested.

Complications may occur in patients with untreated Type 2 diabetes. These complications include damage to the nerves, kidneys, eyes and blood vessels.