How Do You Avoid Getting Buttock Boils?


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Boils on the buttocks are prevented by carefully washing the clothing of those who have boils, cleaning the boil when it appears, practicing good personal hygiene and staying healthy, states WebMD. Most boils are treatable and preventable at home without seeing a doctor.

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Proper treatment of boils is important in preventing future boils, and applying a warm compress to the boil and soaking it in warm water may help, according to WebMD. The heat helps to bring the boil to a head, eventually bursting it. Usually, it takes about 10 days of soaking for this to occur.

When the boil begins to drain, the individual should wash the area with antibiotic soap removing all of the pus, and then clean it with rubbing alcohol, explains WebMD. He should apply antibiotic ointment to the boil, and cover it with a bandage. It is important to use a warm compress on the remaining boil two to three times a day, making sure to reapply the antibiotic ointment and bandage each time. An individual should never try to pop a boil with a needle, only allow it to heal naturally.

If a boil begins to get infected during treatment, it is important to contact a doctor, suggests WebMD. Blood tests and an antibiotic may be needed.

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