How Do You Avoid Fallen Arches?


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The first way to avoid fallen arches is by wearing appropriate shoes for specific activities and shoe inserts when possible, according to WebMD. Avoiding excessive stress on the feet as well as high-impact sports may help avoid fallen arches.

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To avoid fallen arches, the most important step to take is wearing good-quality footwear, particularly for active events, states HowToDoThings.com. Athletic shoes must provide comfort and support, with a firm layer inside the shoe supporting the arch of the foot. Athletic shoes that provide medical support for both the heel and arch are more effective in keeping the arch from collapsing. Supportive inserts for nonathletic shoes may help in reducing fallen arches, particularly if the soles of the shoes are very thin, and the shoe itself is flexible.

Strengthening the foot through physical therapy can help prepare for more intense activities, explains WebMD. Exercises such as lifting the toes and stretching muscles and tendons in the feet and legs, such as the Achilles tendon, may help in avoiding fallen arches.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity can increase the risk factors for fallen arches, states WebMD. Check with a doctor for illnesses or injuries that may be linked to flat fee or fallen arches, particularly if pain is severe.

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