How Do You Avoid Diabetes?


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Harvard School of Public Health reveals four main steps that may help prevent type 2 diabetes, including weight control, exercise, diet and smoking cessation. Consuming one to two drinks of alcohol per day may increase the efficiency of insulin, but this is not recommended for non-drinkers. The National Diabetes Education Program lists 50 tips to prevent the metabolic disorder, while Mayo Clinic advocates diet and exercise.

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Harvard indicates that briskly walking for 30 minutes a day provides sufficient exercise to reduce the chances of someone getting type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. Dietary modifications such as eating more whole grains, reducing refined sugars, drinking less sugary drinks, eating good fats over bad fats and limiting red meat may prevent diabetes due to weight loss and better metabolic nutrition.

The NDEP states that one of the best ways to eat fewer calories is to reduce portion sizes. Smaller portions may help patients lose weight. People should find creative methods to become more active during the day such as taking the stairs, walking through the neighborhood and marching in place while watching television.

Mayo Clinic suggests dietary tips to lose weight. Patients should consume whole grains for at least half of their daily grain intake. Fiber improves blood sugar control mechanisms in the body. Healthier food choices, rather than fad diets, offer better eating plans to try to prevent diabetes.

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