How Do You Avoid Arthritis?


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According to Stephanie Watson for Healthline, arthritis cannot always be entirely prevented, but some actions can drastically decrease a person's chances of contracting the disease, such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising frequently and eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming alcohol in moderation, protecting the joints during physical activities and avoiding injury to the joints are additional ways to curb the onset of arthritis.

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Sarah Kelsey from SheKnows also recommends incorporating plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium into the diet to help prevent arthritis, as these compounds are known to support a strong musculoskeletal system. Drinking water keeps the joints lubricated so that they don't become dehydrated and cause bones to rub up against one another. According to Kelsey, stretching after an effective warm-up session is a great tool to strengthen the joints and improve their range of motion.

Andrew Krieger from EverydayHealth advises women to avoid wearing high heels and opt instead for shoes that support joint comfort and decrease shock absorption into the musculoskeletal system. Carrying out regular daily activities with better body mechanics also helps to relieve the pressure on joints, according to Krieger. High-impact exercises, such as football and running, are known to increase the rate of cartilage loss and should be replaced with more joint-friendly exercises.

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