What Is the Average Time to Run a 10K Marathon?

The average run time for a distance of 10 kilometers (approximately 6 1/4 miles) for men is 56:05; for women it is 1:04:49 in 2013, as stated by Running USA. The 10K is usually a long-distance race held on city roads.

Each year, hundreds of 10K marathons are held in cities and local communities. These are among the shortest marathons, with a 5K being the shortest. The 10K is extremely popular since it provides a challenge, but is still a distance that the amateur runner can finish.

In 2013, the average 10K run time varied between 56 minutes and 1 hour and 4 minutes, divided along gender lines. Despite women taking longer to finish this race, there are more women running it. In the same year, 57 percent of 10K runners were female, compared to 43 percent. The ladies running were on average younger, at 35.7 years old, than the men, at 38.4 years old, as stated by Running USA.

Marathons in general, are becoming more popular. The number of annual participates in these races has gone from less than 5 million people in 1990 to just under 20 million people in 2013. Charities use marathons as a way of bringing in money with runner sponsors or runners paying a registration fee.