What Is the Average Time for Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery?


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Full recovery from hip replacement surgery can take up to 12 months, according to Mayo Clinic. Rehabilitation begins soon after surgery and continues for about eight weeks, at which time a person can typically return to normal activities.

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What Is the Average Time for Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery?
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In order to get the most out of recovery, a person who has had a hip replacement must perform exercises each day, explains Mayo Clinic. A physical therapist often works closely with patients in order to them help regain strength and mobility. Usually, people learn to use a walker, crutches or cane, but as therapy progresses, increased weight is put on the leg until the individual can walk unassisted.

Since the recovery period for hip replacement surgery can be lengthy, there are certain things a person should do to ensure a smooth recovery process, notes Mayo Clinic. For instance, patients should carefully follow their doctors instructions for caring for the new hip. It is also important to have a caregiver who can do things such as prepare meals or other daily tasks. Items that a person may need or use often should be placed at waist level so that there is no reason to reach up or bend over. It is also important to consider making minor modifications to the home, such as adding a raised toilet seat.

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