What Are the Average Results for Thigh Liposuction?


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The average patient sees a reduction in the size of their thighs up to six months after a liposuction procedure. The thighs may remain swollen for several months after the procedure and mask any reduction in fatty deposits, according to Lipo-Book.com.

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Different plastic surgeons have different techniques and levels of aggressiveness towards fatty deposits. If the surgeon did not take enough fatty tissue away during the first procedure, it may be necessary to have a repeat appointment to achieve the desired results, as recommended by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Many women seek out liposuction on their inner thighs to prevent rubbing of the thighs when they walk or exercise. While it is possible to reduce the amount of fat between thighs, doing so successfully requires a surgeon that has a well-developed understanding of the shape and proportions of the human body so that the end result looks natural.

Thigh reduction via liposuction is most effective on individuals who have elastic and healthy skin, according to FeelBeautiful.com. If the skin is saggy or drooping, a thigh reduction only exacerbates a problem area, and the patient may need a thigh lift to remove extra saggy skin tissue from the thigh area. If the skin is healthy, a surgeon has an increased likelihood of being able to remove fatty bulges and improve the shape the thigh.

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