What Is the Average Recovery Time for Bladder Lift Surgery?


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After surgery to repair a cystocele, or bladder prolapse, most women can resume normal activities in approximately six weeks, with a resumption of sexual intercourse and urinary function even sooner than that, according to WebMD. Strenuous activities should be avoided for three months, and a gradual increase in activity is recommended.

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After a cystocele repair, most women remain in the hospital for up to two days and return home with a catheter, notes WebMD. Some studies indicate that one out of every five women who undergoes surgery for bladder prolapse experiences a recurrence of the condition. The risks associated with the procedure include urinary incontinence and retention, injury to the bladder, painful intercourse, fistula formation and infection. Women desiring to give birth to children are advised to postpone the cystocele repair because labor and vaginal births often worsen existing prolapse conditions. Pain during intercourse, or in the low back or pelvic regions, that existed prior to the procedure may not be totally relieved by the repair.

Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding constipation, smoking, heavy lifting and prolonged standing are ways to help control the progression or recurrence of a cystocele, explains WebMD. It is common for an urethrocele, or sagging in the tissue around the urethra, to be present with the cystocele, so both surgical repairs are frequently performed at once.

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