What Is the Average Recovery Time After Undergoing Surgery for Diverticulitis?


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Although surgeries to treat diverticulitis differ, recovery time for colon resection surgery averages four to eight weeks, states Oregon Surgical Specialists. This includes an in-patient period of four to eight days during which the patient must remain in the hospital.

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During recovery time, a patient may need a nasogastric tube to keep the stomach empty for a few days, according to Oregon Surgical Specialists. While the patient is hospitalized for four to eight days, doctors slowly return him from a fluid-based diet to a soft-foods diet while monitoring colon activity. Patients may need to remain on a soft-foods diet after returning home for two to eight weeks.

Patients should be able to walk and move out of bed within a day of surgery, notes Oregon Surgical Specialists. However, doctors recommend doing breathing exercises before any strenuous activity. Patients should also not lift more than 5 to 10 pounds for four to six weeks post-surgery. The recovery time required before returning to work depends on the type of surgery, laparoscopic or open, and the activity level of the job. Laparoscopic surgery requires a one-to-two week recovery time before returning to work, while open surgery requires three-to-four weeks.

Surgical treatment for diverticulitis involves removing part of the large intestine and reconnecting the remaining parts, explains WebMD. More than one surgery may be required to fully treat the ailment.

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