What Is the Average Recovery Time After a Heart Stent?


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The average recovery time after receiving a heart stent depends on the number of difficulties encountered during the procedure and how well the insertion site for the catheter heals, according to Medtronic. In general, most patients spend one night in the hospital and return home the day after the procedure.

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What Is the Average Recovery Time After a Heart Stent?
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Complications involving the catheter insertion site, such as bleeding or change in color, can lead to an extended convalescence. Symptoms of chest pain or discomfort can signify a re-narrowing of the arteries and can also lengthen the recovery time, explains Medtronic. Most people, however, return to work and their normal routine after about a week. People whose jobs or daily activities involve a strenuous amount of physical exertion naturally require a greater amount of time to recover.

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