What Is the Average Price of a Yearly Membership to the YMCA Gym?

The price of a YMCA membership varies based on geographic location and whether the membership is for a single person or a family. In 2015, adult plans cost around $50 per month in many locations, whereas family plans may be around $75 per month. Major cities may have higher rates.

The North Penn YMCA has a $47 per month charge for adults, $37 for young adults, $73 for families, and $51 for single parent families. The Fort Wayne YMCA in Indiana has household rates of $66.75 per month, $51 for single parent families, and $44.50 for adults. In South Florida, the Greater Hollywood branch has adult rates of $48 per month and household rates of $75 per month. In New York City, however, the prices are considerably higher. For example, a single adult membership is $97 per month city-wide, and a family membership is $172 per month.