What Is the Average Price of a Phonak Hearing Aid?


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The average starting price of a Phonak hearing aid is between $1,599 to $1,699. There are a number of different models, such as the Audeo V, Virto V, Bolero Q and the Naida Q, according to HearingPlanet. These models are also available for low monthly payments to eligible U.S. residents.

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Within each model, hearing aids with 16 or 20 channels are more expensive than those with eight or 12 channels. For example, an eight-channel Audeo V is $1,699, while the 20-channel model comes in at $2,899 as of 2016, per HearingPlanet.

The Phonak Audeo V features automatic adaption, which adjusts settings to maximize hearing performance. It also works well in noisy situations and improves music enjoyment, notes Phonak.

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