On Average, How Long Is the Recovery From a Hernia Surgery?

Patients who undergo laparoscopic hernia surgery can expect a one to two week recovery time, while those who undergo an open procedure can expect a three week recovery time, states WebMD. Not all hernias require surgery, so all individuals should speak with their doctors to determine whether it is necessary.

Hernias occur when the body's tissues bulge through weakened walls of muscle, most often in the abdomen. There are several different varieties, including inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias and hiatal hernias, and they may occur in children as well as adults. Many types of hernia do not require treatment, but surgery may be required to prevent serious complications, notes WebMD.

Various surgical procedures may be used to close the gap in the abdominal wall and repair a hernia, including both traditional open surgery and laparoscopic procedures. Patients often underestimate the recovery time required with even minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. On average, the amount of pain and fatigue that patients feel does not begin to lessen to pre-surgery levels until at least seven days after surgery, suggests WebMD.

Other factors apart from the type of procedure a patient undergoes may also affect recovery time. Women often require a longer recovery time than men, as do patients younger than 60, notes WebMD.