What Is the Average Life Expectancy After Somebody Has Had a Liver Transplant?


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As of 2015, approximately 75 percent of people who receive liver transplants survive past five years, according to the American Liver Foundation. Diet, exercise and taking the necessary immune system medications are among the factors that contribute to greater longevity.

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Most people who undergo a liver transplant are back to relatively normal lives after about six months, and over 80 percent of new livers are still functioning after one year, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases explains. Sometimes a recipient's body begins to reject its new liver, and any signs of impending rejection should be reported to a doctor immediately. Immunosuppressive medications used to prevent rejection can also cause numerous unpleasant side effects, so it is important for a recipient to maintain healthy overall living habits to minimize the risk of additional complications.

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