What Is the Average Length of Time to Recover From a Stroke?


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The duration of time it takes to recover from a stroke depends on any complications experienced and the severity of the stroke, according to Mayo Clinic. Stroke rehabilitation can take weeks, months or years for a patient to fully recover.

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The time duration in which a patient recovers also depends on progress during physical, emotional, cognitive and experimental therapies. The purpose of stroke rehabilitation is to help patients regain physical abilities and relearn skills lost as a result of the stroke, according to Mayo Clinic. In many cases, the central nervous system can recover some functions lost through practice and therapy.

Common activities during stroke rehabilitation include exercises to strengthen motor skills, muscle strength and coordination, according to Mayo Clinic. Mobility training with the use of body braces and walking aids is incorporated into physical therapy. Patients also undergo range-of-motion therapy to lessen muscle tension. Cognitive therapy is used to help patients regain lost abilities in comprehension, writing, speaking and listening. In some cases, stroke patients may need to undergo a psychological evaluation to treat emotional adjustments. Trained mental health professionals conduct counseling sessions and may administer medications to stroke patients experiencing depression as a result of the stroke.

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