What Is the Average Dementia Life Expectancy?


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The average life expectancy of people with Alzheimer’s-type dementia is eight to 12 years, according to McGill University. However, the life expectancy of a specific individual is based upon age of onset of the disease and general health.

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When people are diagnosed with dementia between 60 and 65 years of age, their life expectancy is 12 to 14 years, McGill University states. When dementia appears between the ages of 80 and 85, people tend to survive only five to eight years.

The primary risk factor for developing dementia is age, explains McGill University. For example, 1 percent of the people between the ages of 65 and 69 have Alzheimer’s-type dementia. Between 85 and 89 it increases to 20 percent, while 40 percent of people aged 90 to 95 suffer from the disease.

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