What Is the Average Cost for Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

The cost of shoulder replacement depends on the hospital, the type of implant used and the exact type of procedure performed, states CostHelper. Hospitals charge between $7,000 and $21,000 as of 2015. Medicare's typical payment for shoulder replacement procedures was between $10,919 and $13,413 in 2011.

Insurance covers most costs involved with shoulder replacement surgery, according to CostHelper. Prior to surgery, a patient typically visits an orthopedic surgeon who conducts a physical examination and discusses the patient's medical history. He may order x-rays or other imaging tests.

If the surgeon advises surgery, he schedules the procedure in advance, explains CostHelper. He may also schedule preoperative tests, such as blood work and an electrocardiogram. The inpatient shoulder replacement procedure takes about two hours to complete and requires a hospital stay of one to three days.

People often require physical therapy following shoulder replacement surgery, notes CostHelper. A patient with insurance can expect to pay $10 to $75 per session, while a patient without insurance coverage may pay $50 to $300 per session, as of 2015.

Shoulder replacement surgery is an option for patients suffering from chronic shoulder pain and stiffness caused by such conditions as arthritis and degenerative joint disease, advises CostHelper. Doctors may perform a total, partial or reverse shoulder replacement depending on the damage to the shoulder.