What Is the Average Cost of Acupuncture?

average-cost-acupuncture Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

According to Cost Helper Health, the average cost of acupuncture in the United States is $50 to $70 for a routine visit and $75 to $95 for an initial session and medical consultation. Costs for this alternative medical treatment remain similar throughout the nation and do not differ considerably whether the acupuncture is performed at a clinic or private practice.

According to Cost Helper Health, some acupuncturists offer discounts on pricing when several sessions are purchased together at one time, creating a great cost savings when dealing with chronic conditions that require repeated appointments to address. Many insurance companies cover acupuncture as an alternative treatment for a number of conditions, and some acupuncturists bill insurance companies directly or give the patient a bill to submit themselves for reimbursement of fees.

An initial session with an acupuncturist includes a medical and health history and an examination of the tongue and pulse, says Cost Helper Health. Lasting about an hour, an initial session also includes acupuncture treatment, which uses a series of thin metal needles inserted into pressure points on the skin. While many people report little pain associated with acupuncture, others equate the sensation to an electric-like pulse on the skin. Acupuncturists commonly sell Chinese herbs and tinctures designed to supplement treatments for chronic conditions.