What Are the Available Treatments for a Hole in the Bladder?


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Treatment options for a hole in the bladder include surgical repair of the rupture and insertion of a catheter to allow for self-healing, according to the Urology Care Foundation. Treatment depends on the location and severity of the rupture.

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A hole near the top of the bladder may create a path to the abdominal cavity that stores vital organs, requiring surgical repair via an incision over the area, states the Urology Care Foundation. Following surgery, a catheter is placed in the bladder through the urethra or abdominal wall to allow the bladder to heal for up to two weeks. Holes near the bottom of the bladder normally cause urine to leak into surrounding tissues rather than the abdominal cavity. Although these ruptures normally require surgical repair, small holes may heal on their own while a catheter drains blood and urine for a minimum of 10 days.

Once the health care professional in charge of treatment verifies the hole has been repaired using X-rays, he can allow removal of the catheter, explains the Urology Care Foundation. The patient may receive antibiotics in case of any catheter-induced injuries. He may also receive medications to calm an overactive bladder following surgery, a complication which may last several weeks to several months.

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