What Attracts People to the Opposite Sex?

What Attracts People to the Opposite Sex?

Some of the most attractive physical features to both sexes include smile, eyes, stomach and hair. Various studies show that these features can have a major effect on an individual’s attractiveness to the opposite sex.

A person’s smile is one of the most attractive traits to others, according to studies conducted by both the American Dental Association and Match.com. Smile was the only feature deemed “very important” for physical attraction in the ADA study, while Match.com found smile to be one of the top three most important traits in a survey of 5,481 users.

Eyes are another major determiner of physical attractiveness, according to a study from FastLife.com. The survey found that both men and women consider blue the most attractive eye color. Women prefer brown eyes over green eyes, while men prefer the opposite.

The stomach ranks as one of the most important nonfacial characteristics, according to the same study from FastLife.com. For women in particular, a man’s stomach ranked as the most important physical feature after his face. The stomach also ranked highly for men, though not as highly as breasts.

Finally, hair is a fourth major quality of physical attractiveness, particularly for men. A study based on data from over 81,000 users on the dating website Plenty Of Fish found that men with brown hair receive 20-percent more messages than men with other hair colors. Blonde hair and shaved heads ranked second and third, respectively.