What Are Some Attractive Hat Ideas for Chemo Patients?


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The American Cancer Society offers several attractive hat ideas for chemo patients, which include berets, scarves, deep cloche-style hats, turbans and classic conductor hats. Other ideas include wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps, states Cancer and Careers.

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What Are Some Attractive Hat Ideas for Chemo Patients?
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The most versatile of ideas can be made with scarves and turbans, as there are endless ways to style these head coverings, states The Personal Care Products Council Foundation. For example, scarves can be tied with a bow at the side, a rosette style knot that resembles a flower, a square knot or a twisted decorative coil. For those who want something more inexpensive, using a t-shirt to create a head-wrap is another option.

Turbans have more flair and can double as a scarf and a hat. Some of the most popular styles include creating a turban out of braided fabric, turbans with "slouchy" or scrunched up fabric, classic turbans, twisted crown turbans, or combining a scarf and a turban together, as featured by Headcovers. It is important to choose a head cover that has adjustable sizes, fits snug, but has ventilation, states Cancer and Careers. The hat needs to be made from incredibly soft material to prevent irritation, as chemotherapy makes the skin very sensitive. If the hat isn't soft enough, other solutions include wearing a scarf, wig or sleeping cap beneath the hat to prevent irritation from occurring.

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