Is the Atkins Diet a Good Diet for Diabetics?


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The Atkins diet is good for diabetics because it can improve their control over blood sugar levels and aid in achieving desired weight loss goals, says Atkins. Since the Atkins diet can lead to weight loss, it can even reduce or reverse the risk factors for diabetes, reports Mayo Clinic.

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Is the Atkins Diet a Good Diet for Diabetics?
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In diabetics, weight loss without control of carbohydrate intake is not adequate for reducing medication dosage. Reducing diabetic drug intake is imperative because most of them cause side-effects and stimulate appetite. Indeed, those diabetics on aggressive insulin therapy experience weight gain as a side-effect. This makes it even more difficult for diabetics to lose weight when following a normal diet, reports Atkins.

On the other hand, the Atkins diet emphasizes on low carbohydrate consumption. When diabetics remove excess sugar from the diet to markedly decrease carbohydrate intake, it dramatically improves their blood glucose control and insulin resistance. This in turn helps them achieve their weight loss target while simultaneously reducing the intake of diabetes drugs, states Atkins.

Once diabetics begin following the Atkins diet and adjust their diabetes medications accordingly in consultation with their doctors, they can even eliminate the problem of hypoglycemia, which is otherwise commonly experienced with diabetes drugs, says Atkins.

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