What Is Aspartame Poisoning?


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Aspartame poisoning is the harm caused to the body due to excessive consumption of aspartame. Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener that is used to substitute sugar in foods, and it is commonly used in products meant for losing weight. Aspartame is absorbed in the body and accumulates in the tissues of the body, resulting in different health problems, as stated by MDhealth.

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Aspartame poisoning causes damage to other parts of the body. Its dangers include brain injury, depression, birth defects, cravings, and stomach ulcers. Aspartame addiction may also cause a person to attempt suicide. The poisoning may also trigger other diseases that can be quite difficult to detect. These diseases include lupus, ALS, Lyme disease, post-polio syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

The symptoms of aspartame poisoning include tinnitus, allergies, breathlessness, poor vision, stomach upsets, confusion, memory loss, anxiety, phobia, seizures and migraines, among others. These symptoms may be very severe depending on the amount of aspartame a person has consumed.

The best way to prevent aspartame poisoning is avoiding foods and beverages that contain high levels of aspartame. Reading food labels helps consumers uncover the amount of aspartame in a certain product. If a person notices symptoms of aspartame poisoning, he or she needs to visit a doctor for detoxification.

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