How Do You Ask Someone for Her Phone Number?


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Some tips to ask a girl for her phone number include suggesting rather than asking, getting the number during a high point in the conversation, having the phone ready and coming up with good date ideas. These strategies can make a request for a number more likely to succeed.

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How Do You Ask Someone for Her Phone Number?
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Rather than asking for her number, suggest an exchange. Saying the number is necessity so the two of you can get together is less forced than outright asking for it. Suggesting also opens the door to a discussion of possible date ideas.

While it’s common practice to ask for a girl’s number at the end of a conversation, consider asking for it when she seems most engaged. Asking immediately after a bout of laughter, a shared experience or a good turn in the conversation can work better than awkwardly asking for her number as she starts to leave.

It’s also important to have a cellphone ready to receive the number. Fumbling around or searching for a misplaced phone can make a possibly awkward situation even tenser. Handing a girl the phone and asking her to enter the number herself is another useful strategy that adds a level of closeness to the interaction.

Finally, be sure to throw out some good date ideas. Ratting off some suggestions while she enters her number is a perfect way to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

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