How Do You Ask a Gynecologist Questions for Free?

Many clinics, pharmacies and Planned Parenthood offer free gynecological services. The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics lists more than 1,200 free clinics in the United States.

Medicaid may pay for all or part of a gynecological visit, according to Medicaid is a federal health care program administered by the states. Family planning services must be covered by the state to receive federal Medicaid funding. States have their own Medicaid rules that often expand the mandatory coverage offered by the federal government. Qualification for free or inexpensive Medicaid services and types of services covered vary from state to state.

Low-cost providers of gynecological services include Planned Parenthood, the agency states. As an example, Planned Parenthood offers a program in New York, the Family Planning Benefit Program, that allows qualifying men and women certain services for free.

Municipal and county health departments also provide gynecological services. As they are subsidized by taxpayers, they provide services for their residents at a lower rate.

An overlooked source of free medical information is pharmacists. Most pharmacists in retail answer drug-related questions in person or by phone. Some retail pharmacy chains even have live chat with pharmacists promising fast, free and confidential advice, states Walgreens.