Is Asea Water a Scam?


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Marketed as a dietary supplement that has health benefits for everyone, ASEA is simply one of many expensive ways to buy water, according to an article written for Science-Based Medicine. However, Insider Business Reviews recommends the ASEA company as a powerful marketing system built on 16 years of molecular research.

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Science-Based Medicine states that ASEA Redox Balancing cannot legally claim that its product is effective for the treatment of any specific disease. It is logical to assume, though, that since free radical damage and immune function are inherently related to a variety of diseases, ASEA would benefit victims of a wide range of disorders. Their product claims are allegedly intentionally vague, and a disclaimer is posted that ASEA water has not been FDA evaluated. Testimonials published on the company website suggest benefits extending from improved sleep to various types of cancer.

Redox Balancing claims that its product is a "category creator" in that it is unlike any other product sold in the areas of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals or juices. The supplement replicates cellular fluid and maintains necessary communication between every cell in the body through a method called redox signaling. When cells are revitalized with Asea water, native molecules are added back into the body to a level not achieved since youth.

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