What Are Some Articles on Nutrition for Children?


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WebMD, Mayo Clinic and EatRight.org are some sources that offer comprehensive articles on good nutrition for children. These articles cover a broad range of topics, including making sure children get a well-rounded diet, dealing with picky eaters, and how to start good nutrition habits at a young age.

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In an article about parental influence in children's dietary habits, WebMD offers advice to parents about what they can do to promote healthy lifestyles as role models for their children. The article recommends establishing set family meal times, teaching portion control, and opting for vegetables in place of snacks for the whole family.

EatRight.org's article is a more general outline of nutritional habits for younger children. In addition to recommending some tips to control children's portions and nutritional independence, the article suggests some methods of serving food to children that are both healthy and nutritious.

Mayo Clinic offers a list of recommendations for dealing with a child who is a picky eater. The article suggests being receptive to a child's appetite, establishing routines with mealtime, involving the child in the food-preparation process, and understanding that getting children to consume balanced and nutritious meals may not happen as quickly as parents might hope.

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