What Is Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?


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Arthroscopic knee surgery is an orthopaedic procedure where the inner joint of the knee can be treated and evaluated using very small incisions and a scope. A small camera allows the surgeon to see what is going on in the knee joint according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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The arthroscope that is being used has a fiber optic light source and a small camera with a cable attached that projects the image on to a monitor. The diameter of the scope is about 4 to 5 millimeters so it can fit into the small incisions made on the knee. The instruments that the surgeon uses to repair the damage are placed into the knee joint with separate incisions according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. It usually takes 2 to 4 small incisions to complete an arthroscopic knee surgery.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is largely used to repair cartilage tears like the meniscus. Arthroscope techniques can be used to assist the surgeon when repairing large ligaments like the anterior cruciate ligament and the posterior cruciate ligament. Recovery time depends on the severity of the arthritis in the knee, but patients can usually go home the same day after surgery according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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