How Do You Arrange to Donate Your Body to Science After Your Death?


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If a person wishes to donate his body to science, he must find a medical organization, such as a medical school, research institution or private organization, and preregister with it, explains FindLaw. A person is required to fill out a body consent form to register.

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How Do You Arrange to Donate Your Body to Science After Your Death?
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A person can also preregister with companies such as MedCure, who determine the best research or education facility for the body and then distributes it to the appropriate facility, reports MedCure. A person may be required to fill out additional paperwork aside from a body consent form to register his body. For example, MedCure requires a person to fill out a cremation authorization form and a death certificate vitals worksheet. If a person wants to donate his body to a specific type of research, he must contact an organization involved in that type of research directly to register.

In order for the medical organization to retrieve the body, a potential donor must arrange to have a family member or someone else call the medical organization to transport his body upon his death, states FindLaw. A person may also write his intent to donate his body in a living will or in a letter to the executor of his estate.

Most bodies are accepted except those with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C, or if the person had a history of incarceration or institutionalization, explains MedCure.

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