What Is Arnica Montana Used For?


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The extract from the arnica flower, technically referred to as arnica montana, is primarily used for medicinal purposes, as stated by WebMD. Arnica is commonly administered as a topical treatment for pain and discomfort, bruises, sprains, inflammation, muscle ache and arthritis, according to Dr. Andrew Weil.

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Arnica is available in various forms, which include tinctures, homeopathic liniments, salves, creams, gels and oral medications. People should only buy arnica pills with 30x dilution, as suggested by Dr. Weil. When taken orally, homeopathic arnica tablets are said to treat sore throat, inflamed veins, insect bites and sensitive gums.

Aside from using arnica for its therapeutic effects, it is also a common additive in some foods and drinks, including baked goods, puddings, yogurt and candy. Oil extracted from arnica is also utilized as an ingredient in perfumes and beauty products.

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