What Is Arnica Montana 30C?


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Arnica 30C is a pain relief product that claims to temporarily treat trauma, muscle pain and stiffness, swelling, bruises and discoloration, states Boiron USA. While Arnica montana is possibly effective for osteoarthritis, WebMD states that it is possibly ineffective for reducing pain, swelling and complications from wisdom teeth removal.

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There is also insufficient evidence that Arnica montana, the ingredient in Arnica 30C, is effective at treating bruises, muscle pain, pain after surgery, insect bites and sore throats, states WebMD. Although it is used as a folk or homeopathic medicine for treating acne, boils and rashes, there is no medical evidence that works, states Drugs.com

While taking the amount of Arnica 30C commonly found in food is considered safe, taking too much of it through supplement form is dangerous and can lead to death, states WebMD. Patients who take blood clotting medicines must avoid Arnica 30C because it slows the process, causing excess bruising and bleeding.

Adults and children over the age of 2 who take the product should dissolve five tablets of it under the tongue three times a day, stats Boiron. Parents should consult with a doctor before giving Arnica 30C to children under the age of 2. If the product does not improve pain or another condition within three days, patients should consult with a doctor to see if they have a more serious illness.

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