What Are Some Arm-Toning Exercises for Women?


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Women's Health Magazine gives several arm-toning exercises for women, one of them being bent-over rows. Using a medium to heavy set of dumbbells, the exerciser bends at the waist at an almost 90-degree angle, holding the dumbbells down toward the ground with her feet at shoulder width distance apart. She then raises her elbows up at a 90-degree angle to be parallel with her back.

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What Are Some Arm-Toning Exercises for Women?
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The chest fly is a good workout for toning the upper body when the exercisers switches the weights between her hands. Using a lighter set of dumbbells, she lies on her back with her knees bent. Putting one weight in her right hand, she opens her arms so they touch the mat underneath her. Slowly, she raises her arms up, elbows slightly bent, until both hands touch above her chest. She puts the weight into her left arm, lowers both arms and starts again.

Triceps extensions help tone up the back of the arms. Standing up, grabbing a heavy dumbbell, and using both hands to hold onto the weight, she slowly lowers the weight behind her back so her elbows are pointing up toward the ceiling. She then lifts her hands back up straight over her head to complete one repetition.

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