What Is Aquacel Ag?


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Aquacel Ag is a ribbon dressing or nonwoven pad that contains sodium carboxymethylcellulose and 1.2 percent ionic silver, which gives an allowance of up to 12 milligrams of silver for a 4 by 4-inch dressing, according to Drugs.com. Typically, it is soft and sterile.

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The purpose of the silver in Aquacel Ag is to kill wound bacteria, notes Drugs.com. Aside from killing wound bacteria, Aquacel Ag absorbs wound fluid, forming a soft gel that creates conformity with the wound surface. This gel also moistens the wound to facilitate autolytic debridement, which is the process of removing nonviable tissue from the wound. The moisture and bacterial control of this dressing enhances the healing process and minimizes chances of infection.

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