How Do You Apply for Sober Living at Oxford House?

How Do You Apply for Sober Living at Oxford House?

To apply for sober living at Oxford House, complete and submit a standard application for admission. Call the Oxford House you wish to live in, and schedule and attend an interview at that location.

PDF applications for admission are available on under Houses. A link to search for vacancies is also located under Houses. On the vacancy search page, check a box to designate the kind of Oxford House you want to live in, be it a men-only, coed or family-oriented house.

Existing members of Oxford Houses typically interview prospective candidates. You must be in recovery at the time of your application and interview. Oxford House looks for potential residents to display sincerity about recovery, commitment to 12-step meetings, a concrete and acceptable way to pay expenses, and honesty on the application and in the interview.

The group of residents at each Oxford House decides who to admit. In the case of a rejection, print another application, find another Oxford House with a vacancy, and call to set up another interview.

The entire application process is explained in detail, along with relevant addresses and phone numbers, at the Oxford House website. The site also explains Oxford House traditions and its organizational structure.