Where Do You Apply for Senior Citizen's Housing?


Seniors can apply with the local housing agency to get into public housing, which is available for the elderly, disabled and those with low-incomes. Housing agencies work in conjunction with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, to provide assistance to those in need.

Senior citizen housing is made available for the elderly through HUD and a network of local housing agencies. These local agencies may administer to a city or the entire county. They take elderly and disabled applicants, and those with low-incomes. There is usually a list of requirements to meet to get approved for the program, including income guidelines and having a good history with previous landlords.

To get into senior citizen housing, applicants must apply for the program with their local housing agency. There is a list of local housing agencies online at the HUD website that applicants can contact. The application process is written and can be submitted via mail, in-person or online, depending on the preferences of each housing agency. Eventually, applicants need to meet with an housing agency representative, either to confirm certain information on the application, allow the representative to see a current living situation or to discuss the terms of a new lease before signing it. There are usually more people applying for senior citizen's housing than is available, so there is a waiting list for available rentals.