How Do You Apply Kinesio Tape?


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Kinesio tape is applied 30 minutes before activity to dry skin free of any lotion or other moisturizer. While taping, interfering joints should be fully bent to allow for full range of motion. The ends of the tape should not be stretched, and it should fully adhere to the skin.

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Kinesio tape is designed to relieve pain and lend support to muscles, ligaments and tendons during physical activity. It is lightweight, often colorful and can be applied for ailments like shin splints, lumbar pain, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow and many more. Depending on the brand used, kinesio tape can remain in place up to 24 hours, even if submerged in water. While it is most often used by personal trainers, physical therapists and professional athletes, it is also available for use by the general public.

Kinesio tape helps provide proprioception, a type of feedback in the muscle that makes it aware of the muscles and tendons around it. Proprioception employs the muscles, ligaments and tendons joined by the kinesio tape to relax or fire accordingly. By relying on adjacent muscles, ligaments and tendons to bear the burden of exercise, a wound can take time to heal without the need for complete rest.

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