How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Used to Remove or Prevent Spider Veins?


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When placed directly on spider veins, apple cider vinegar helps them become less pronounced after a month, according to the Vein Center of Northern Georgia. A clean vinegar-soaked cloth is placed on the skin over the veins for 15 to 20 minutes once or twice daily.

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Spider veins appear when a number of tiny blood vessels group together just below the skin's surface, the Vein Center explains. They typically emerge as blue, purple or red splotches on legs and ankles. They are not dangerous to one's health.

Another home remedy for dealing with spider veins is a ginkgo biloba supplement, states the Vein Center. Three daily 40-milligram doses of ginkgo extract shore up the wall of spider veins and improve circulation. A 250-milligram dose of standardized horse chestnut extract each day sometimes makes spider veins less noticeable. Adding a daily application of a skin cream containing horse chestnut clears skin even more.

Witch hazel is also used for spider veins, the Vein Center reports. A cotton ball dipped in the astringent is wiped over the affected area two or three times per day. However, patients should consult their doctors to determine the best course of treatment before using any home remedy on these veins.

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