How Is Aphasia Treated?


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Speech and language therapy can treat aphasia, according to Mayo Clinic. Ongoing studies indicate that certain medications can reverse the problem; however, there is no credible evidence to support that the medications can counteract the problem completely. Aphasia is a language disorder in which a person experiences difficulty speaking as a result of brain damage. The condition takes long to heal, and only a few individuals recover fully.

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Studies suggest that a speech therapy that starts just after a brain injury may effectively counteract aphasia, explains Mayo Clinic. Working in groups may aid in quick treatment of the condition. Patients can use computers to relearn word sounds and verbs.

Research indicates that piracetam, memantine and other drugs can help alleviate the problem, states Mayo Clinic.The drugs help restore chemicals that transmit signals across chemical synapses, boost the flow of blood to the brain and surrounding tissues, and help the brain recover quickly; however, the studies are not yet confirmed.

People with aphasia should carry pens, pieces of paper and identification cards to help them communicate with others, advises Mayo Clinic. The most common cause of aphasia is brain damage that occurs due to stroke. A degenerative process, an infection, a severe head injury and a tumor can also cause brain damage that may lead to the problem.

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