Is There Anything I Can Do to Induce My Period?

anything-can-induce-period Credit: Tristan Piviot/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Methods to induce a period include using birth control pills, herbs, vitamin C, eating certain foods, exercise, stress reduction or sexual intercourse, according to MDHealth. Inducing a period can help to control the timing of menstruation and is particularly useful when planning for a major event that would be more enjoyable without menstruation, such as a wedding, vacation or the start of school.

Birth control pills regulate the body's natural estrogen and progesterone levels and are an easy way to regulate and induce the period, according to MDHealth. Parsley and ginger are both herbs known as emmenagogues, meaning they stimulate the uterus to contract. When the delay in your cycle is due to stress or hormone imbalance, drink two cups of parsley or ginger tea to induce a period. Vitamin C can also induce a period by limiting the progesterone supply to the uterus, triggering it to shed its lining. A half hour of aerobic exercise can also work to induce a period.

Relaxing and reducing stress are also helpful in jump-starting menstruation. Try a warm bath or hot compress to the abdomen to reduce stress and increase blood flow. Sexual intercourse increases blood flow to the vagina and stimulates it to contract, which can also induce menstruation.