How Does an Anxiety Attack Feel?


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An anxiety attack often involves sweating, trembling, nausea or dizziness. Some people mistake an anxiety attack for a heart problem, as it can cause chest pain, shortness of breath and a racing heart, states Everyday Health.

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Many people experience extreme fear during an anxiety attack, particularly a fear of dying, fear of losing their minds or a feeling that danger is nearby. This fear is out of proportion to the environment that the person is in, which could be very safe. However, a person who is having an anxiety attack often feels a strong urge to escape from the situation, according to Everyday Health.

During an anxiety attack, many people sweat more than usual and their skin becomes flushed. However, some people experience chills, according to WebMD. Feeling out of control is very common, and some people even feel faint.

Anxiety attacks come on suddenly and typically last for less than 10 minutes, according to WebMD. People who have panic or anxiety attacks regularly can be diagnosed as having panic disorder. These people often find it difficult to predict when the next attack is going to occur. This can lead to a feeling of anxiety persisting most of the time.

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