What Antioxidants Help to Build Stronger Bones?


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Antioxidants in general are thought to have various positive effects on the body, but quercetin is one antioxidant that has a number of benefits to bones, including the fact that it lowers stress levels, — which can cause indirect damage to bones — and increases oxidization of bones, which in turn helps to replenish cell regeneration. Most antioxidants, including quercetin, also have additional benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, and are common in a number of foods.

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What Antioxidants Help to Build Stronger Bones?
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Quercetin is found in many foods , making it very easy to include in a varied and healthy diet. Some foods containing quercetin include olive oil, kale, lemons, celery, spinach, cranberries and raspberries.

There are also a number of additional health benefits related to quercetin, including improved blood flow, improved cardiovascular health and improved respiratory health, according to Save Our Bones.

Quercetin's main contribution to bone health stems from the effects that stress can have on bones, as well as the body overall. Chronic stress, for example, releases cortisol into the blood. Cortisol is acidic and, as a result, can cause damage to bones over time. Quercetin can counter this by reducing cortisol levels in the body. Additionally, quercetin's ability to contribute towards lower blood pressure helps to reduce the symptoms of extreme stress.

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