What Are Antimalarial Drugs?


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Antimalarial drugs are medicines that prevent and treat malaria, reports WebMD. Malaria is a disease mainly transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes with the Plasmodium parasite, explains Healthline. People traveling to areas with malaria should take antimalarial drugs to reduce the risk of malaria infections, advises WebMD.

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Typical antimalarial drugs include hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, quinine sulfate and mefloquine, notes Mayo Clinic. Patients should tell their doctors where they plan to travel so the doctors can prescribe the right antimalarial drugs for the type of malaria parasite likely to be in that area. Ways of keeping mosquitoes away include using bed nets treated with insecticides, covering the skin with pants and long-sleeved shirts, and spraying clothing with sprays containing permethrin.

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