What Is the Best Anti-Itch Cream?

anti-itch-cream Credit: Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Topical steroids, which may be available as prescriptions or over the counter as hydrocortisone acetate 1 percent cream, are the best type of anti-itch cream, according to About.com. Unlike topical anesthetics and topical antihistamines, which cause contact dermatitis and allergic reactions respectively, topical steroids hardly cause any side effects.

Applying topical steroids to the affected area may also aid in counteracting inflammation, oozing and flaking, states About.com. Steroid creams aid in treating allergic skin diseases, pruritus, itching that results from ringworm infections, and psoriasis. Individuals should consult with their physicians before taking the medications. Parts of the body that are very sensitive to topical steroids include eyelids, genital areas and the face.