What Is Anodyne Therapy?


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Anodyne therapy is infrared light therapy approved by the FDA to reduce symptoms of pain, muscle spasms and poor blood circulation, states Anodyne Therapy. The procedure is clinically proven to reduce lower extremity pain originating from circulation irregularities caused by issues such as trauma and autoimmune conditions, according to Wellness.com.

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Anodyne therapy comes from the word “anodyne," which means medical treatment used to alleviate or lessen pain. The kind of energy used in anodyne therapy is known as monochromatic infra photo energy. Anodyne therapy can be performed at the physician’s office or a home health care agency, states Wellness.com

During anodyne therapy, pads are placed on a patient’s bare skin for a specified amount of time. These pads produce a combination of heat and wavelength that penetrate in the skin to increase tissue production and release of nitric oxide, notes Anodyne Therapy. This also causes the blood vessels to enlarge and dilate, thereby improving blood flow to the affected area.

Increased blood flow to the area being treated helps to reduce pain and promote faster healing, explains Anodyne therapy. The release of nitric oxide enhances nerve function and also aids in the growth of new blood vessels and skins cells needed for wound healing, indicates HealthSouth. Anodyne therapy is beneficial to people with chronic wounds, peripheral disease and diabetes, notes HealthSouth.

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